avalance roses

 AVALANCHE ROSES   the exclusive rose that brings class to every occasion


The Avalanche Rose was introduced to the flower markets in the year 2000. High class florists, floral designers and demonstrators think of Avalanche as an indispensable element in exclusive rose arrangements, displays, bouquets and venue decoration. Over the years Avalanche Roses have been growing in popular demand and are now commonly used for special occasions such as wedding flowers, arrangements to celebrate a birth, anniversary bouquets, Mother's Day gifts or a dignified farewell at a funeral.

Avalanche Roses have a sturdy stem and are crowned with a large blowsy flower head that always opens fully. With a high petal count, long vase life and all year round availability it's no wonder that the majestic Avalanche Rose is the choice of royalty and celebrities.

The Avalanche Rose is a white rose with a hint of green around the outer petals. As the flower head opens the green hue fades and turns back to almost white. They are available in different stem lengths - typically 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 100cm. As a rule of thumb, the longer the stem, the larger the flower. Many florists combine different stem lengths in the same project, giving the advantage of using the same rose in different bud sizes.

Over the past few years Avalanche have been the most popular wedding rose by far and fit perfectly into the current fashion of 'vintage wedding flowers'.

    avalanche rose graphic